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Well, I'll Be...

So, Gavin Newsom, Mayor of SF, started this whole thing... which is STILL in progress in SF, two WEEKS since they thought the whole thing would get shut down. Yet it was starting to look like a lost cause, as the only ones joining in this little parade were a small county in NM and a small town in NY... and the mayor of the latter is in deep legal shit over it, at least so far.

However... Now PORTLAND Has Joined The Uprising

I still haven't seen a reaction from Mary Cheney as to her daddy's bullshit stance on the FMA. Now he claims that his daughter should be left out of it, as that's "private".

Hello? PRIVATE? This, the man who would have it codified in the constitution that his daughter can not have the same rights as everyone else? Hell, I'd seriously love to be a gadfly on the wall at THAT Thanksgiving dinner... especially since this year it'll either be after he's lost the election for leader of the free world (you didn't think they actually LET Bush do any of the heavy thinking, do you?) or because he got dropped from the ticket as too much of a liability.

That's right, daddy... you came out against Gays, and you STILL lost. That's because after years of feeding the religious right beast, it got too big or it's britches and demanded more than you can give it.

Just pray they don't engineer ANOTHER horrific terrorist attack to give them an "October Surprise" boost....
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