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Buying Friends and Influencing People

So, it makes sense now:

Bush: Damn it, Chirac, what's your deal? What will it take for you to back off on this whole Iraq thing?

Chirac: I want Haiti back.

Bush: Done.

So we actually not only IGNORE a democratically elected leader being attacked by thugs, we force him onto a plane and take him away. Right. France gets Haiti back, and Bush tries to spin it into a bizarre world where we get to decide he "lost legitimacy" even though his own system had yet to revoke his right to serve.

Sets a bad precedent, it does... after all, it could just as easily be applied to our own little shrub. He's certainly been, shall we say, a bit on the ineffective side here.

Think about it: He managed to allow one of the worst terrorist attacks of all time to occur on his watch. He invades Afghanistan to over-throw what was already a pretty beaten country, and doesn't even find the person behind 9/11. He invades Iraq on the pre-text that it's an imminent threat, and winds up with more dead soldiers and a civil war that simply CAN'T be avoided in the offing. He manages to screw the economy up so badly that it keeps bleeding jobs.

Hell, his own campaign is already starting to self-destruct by insisting on running those dumb ass ads flashing 9/11 images, albeit briefly. That very brevity being, of course, being the apparent loophole that his campaign seems to think it discovered -- "We're not exploiting this tragedy, merely alluding to it visually to remind people who their leader was over the last 4 years." Of course, There have been many national events over the last three years, and I didn't see any of those being alluded to in the ads... and there certainly seemed to be a lot of generic images of Fire and Police persons mixed in as well.

This reasoning MIGHT have worked, save our esteemed leader actually said he WOULDN'T use 9/11 for any sort of political gain. Alluding to it as a part of his presidency, however briefly, is political gain, folks. Whether it's a fraction of a second or the whole 60 seconds, flashing those broken towers or tattered flags is base pandering of the lowest sort, and once again proves that George W. Bush is a liar with no moral compass whatsoever.

I devoutly hope that the election to come sends him back to Texas knowing that his legitimacy as a president will always be in doubt, from the "hanging chads", the energy report debacle, allowing 9/11 to happen, lying about Iraq and it's WoMD's, letting Aristide twist in the wind, to supporting a constitutional amendment into an area that should NEVER be under the purview of the government in the first place.

And I hope that he continues to be this stupid when it comes to trying to gain re-election. Next thing you know he'll start saturating the airwaves, which will disgust people just in terms of sheer repetitiveness, thus inducing us to vote for ANYONE else. Since overweening pride goeth before this fall, I suspect we'll be treated to the sort of collapse that only the supremely unjustifiably confident can provide for our entertainment.
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