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Oops... Was I Supposed To Tell You That?

Well, I wondered aloud (as I sat upon the porch of the Wonder Triplets of Heyweird during this fine, almost summer like day) where Michele must have gotten to. After all, she usually gets here by two-ish, and here it is after three PM.

penguin_goddess makes the innocent comment "Oh, they might be at the new place..." and immediately gets that "Oops!" expression at my look of blankness... as in "WHAT new place?" Damage done, she admits that they had scored something in Alameda last Thursday/Friday thereabouts, thus explaniing why Michele hasn't gotten in touch with me about her PowerPoint issues (she wants tips on how to add sound and stuff).

I suppose I was a bit hurt... after all, a call or email saying "Hey! We found a place!" would have gone a long way to making me feel less cut off from the process, especially after I was able to talk to her about MINE last Wednesday. I am, however, going to give her the benefit of the doubt: I have no clue what's involved with the new location and all.

I just hope that the whole selling the house thing is as simple as she thinks it'll be.
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