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When A Brick Is Just A Brick

Well, I'm not sure exactly when, but some time last night the power "brick" for my powerbook (the trusty Pismo refugee from the late, unlamented Exodus) dies completely. I'm not sure about the time because the portable simply ran on batteries for a few hours before I noticed the little icon had drained down to the little red sliver that meant "you have mere moments before we go into a coma".

Since I was already overdue with an article, this was more than a minor inconveinence. fortunately for yours truly, I was able to do almost everything I needed on Roni's iMac (thank goodness for webmail!) and got them the piece this morning.

I'm probably going to pick up another power supply today on the way home. In the meantime, here's a very quick update almost as short as the last one, which is annoying because if I didn't have to give this over to Roni so SHE could use her computer, I would be going off at greater length. Well, I don't HAVE to... but she needed her chair so she could do some accounting type stuff with a calculator, and I'm on my knees (don't go there!) typing this like some acolyte worshiping at the altar that is the 'Net.

More later.
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