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Voiceless, But Not Fingerless

Well, a LONG day.

It started fairly slowly...the morning and early afternoon I spent snuggling with Roni, watching trash TV ("Hot Babes or Manly Men?") and generally taking it easy. Then I realized it was 2:30, I had a three o'clock appointment to see Noe about the QuickBooks stuff I'm setting up for him, and I hadn't eaten, showered or brushed my teeth. D'oh!

Ran into the bathroom and ran a blade around the edges of my developing beard (trying to grow it out a bit...why? Because I'm bored, and I can't do things with my hair as much as I used to), scrubbed my teeth, showered.

Roni offered to nuke me some pizza (sorry, I just can't do it cold any more) but I decided I was pushing it as it was.

I started to walk toward the cafe, hoping to hop a bus on the way. Imagine my surprise when I actually walked the entire way without a single bus heading in my direction (or, as many SF residents can fully appreciate, a typical aspect of MUNI.

An interesting thing happened during the walk that requires a bit of back story first: A few months ago I was driving to the store from Roni's when I saw this incredibly cute woman riding a scooter. One of those moments that most people experience from time to time, seeing someone that just sort of snags your attention. I mean, really grabs it. Not just "Oh, they're kinda cute", but that jaw dropping, rubbery kneed, almost primal reaction. Lizard brain, meet modern man. Modern man, meet the deepest urge. Party on, dude.

ANY-way, I like to enjoy it when it happens, and try to not push it. It's like I was saying in my last entry, letting the universe make a point before I start to pay attention...hopefully before I get whapped for not paying attention.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I'm walking and waiting for the bus...and there she is again. Same hot babe, same scooter. "Well, what are the odds of that?" I thought.

Which brings me to today...and yup, there she was again. Which led me to ponder how I'm supposed to approach a cute babe on a moving scooter. Of course, it really could be just an incredible improbable coincidence -- Every time I've seen her it's been a Friday afternoon (just before 3), she's been riding west down Macallister...it's possible that she just gets off work or something around then.

Pondering such imponderables, I made it to my appointment on time. There were a ton of interruptions, but Noe was delighted.

Realizing that the concert was on 11th and Folsom (thereabouts), which was almost directly south, I decided to meet Roni at Slim's. It was a beautiful day, and I was feeling pretty good after the earlier walk.

I got there in plenty of time (about 4:50 in the afternoon), and a line had already begun to form. Seating at Slim's is next to nothing (some bar stools and a couple of benches) and I was hoping to snag some so Rob, Michele and Roni didn't have to stand for the entire show.

Roni calls about 10 after 5, tells me she's on her way. All is well, we're supposed to meet up with Michele and Rob at 6 (it's Rob's will call, so she's got to meet up with us).

About 15 of Roni drives up...in my car. I'm surprised, as I only left the key, just in case she needed the car. I figured she would cab or bus it.

Turns out she misunderstood why I left the key, and didn't realize I had all my stuff for the con in the back seat. The car can't stay in a SOMA neighborhood with what constituted unfair temptation for anyone who could wander by.

So I have Roni take my place in line, and drive the car back to the house. I grab the house keys Roni had forgotten anyway, and walked back to Slim's.

I actually got back about 20 minutes past 6, which was pretty good considering I had to contend with rush hour traffic. I got my wristband (they were being extra anal because some really good counterfeits on this one...a pair of tickets went on E-bay went for over two hundred, or ten times their cover price). At this part I realized all I had eaten today was a banana grabbed almost as an afterthought as I left the cafe. Roni took me to Harvy's SOMA (formerly Hamburger Mary's, virtually unchanged other than the name).

Food (and a LOT of fluid) helped, not to mention hot chocolate. We killed about an hour there (the doors weren't due to open until 8!), and then went to a local...well, I don't know what to call it. It wasn't a bar...it was more a quikie mart with a pool table. Weird. We got Roni some advil, and I bought five Lotto numbers (hey, 171 million...it could happen. The right wings worst nightmare....me extremely rich).

Much to our surprise, when we got back to the line, Rob and Michele weren't there. Even MORE surprising was the people standing there remembered us and were like "Hey! There you are..." and had us re-join the line anyway. A little bit of restoration of my faith, right there.

When we got in, we actually DID get some of the bench seats, Rob and Michele eventually appeared, and we got to see the Indigo Girls do a short set after hearing their new CD, dues out March 12 ("Become You"). It was a great show, and my already completely destroyed vocal cords were driven further into oblivion. If I do manage to meet kshandra, I may be holding the conversation sounding like Lou Rawls on helium.

Interesting note: It was a KFOG listening party, so it's probably they'll broadcast it at some point. I'll be the idiot injuring himself by whooping like a cowboy on acid.

It's already kinda late...I wanna try and get to the hotel by noon tomorrow. Time to put this one (and myself) to bed.
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