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A Quick Note... And An Update

So, it's pretty much official (such as things are): I'm probably going to have a new address as of May 1st. Roni and I will be in the East Bay this afternoon, scoping out some likely candidates. Fortunately almost all of them are reasonably priced, and the location at the top of the list has readily available high speed net access.

I *really* hate moving. So does Roni. We both have a ton of stuff that, quite frankly, could disappear without us ever noticing... but that process of packing/culling is going to be painful all the way around. I also have to go on faith that, somehow, we'll have enough money to get by until we both have jobs (Roni isn't likely to stay with Noe's cafe, even if he manages to keep it open somehow, if only to save her sanity). Based on some quick math, I figure we have 5 months covered without any money from the sale of the house or other sources (other than unemployment insurance for Roni), so I think we'll do okay.

Roni also pointed out that the amount of time I spend driving would be greatly reduced after the move, especially if we land in Hayward. Worst case, there's always BART.

We both think that this will be fine... AFTER the dust settles, more or less.

Did I mention I REALLY hate moving?

UPDATED 9:00 PM: The good news is that we saw two great places today.

The bad news? Apparently having the money AND good credit isn't enough. Most places seem to insist on you having X amount of monthly income. Which means, even though I could afford a place for up to a year without the job thing, the reality is I may have a bit of a problem. A big one, actually.

This could really suck.
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