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A Surreal Way to Wake

I was having more weird dreams this morning when Apex called... someone named Molly whose last name was almost too classically scottish for words. If I don't get the gig I'll let y'all know what it is.

Anyway, it looks like I missed an episode somewhere. NASA had apparently tried to fill that position I interviewed for with someone else, and it hadn't worked out very well. The words that molly used were "not very productive". I managed to be professional and sound un-smug about that.

It turns out the reason that NASA HADN'T gone with me in the first place was my weak command line tool authoring skills. That was bad. What was good was they were dropping that particular talent from the job description. Even better, they remembered me specifically when calling Apex. The only negative... yet another interview.

I could be interviewing by this afternoon, working by tomorrow. The pay is about 2 bucks less an hour, but it's still adequate by any stretch of the imagination. It could be a two month gig, with another two months if they like my PC skills as well. Of course, even a single current pay stub solves my little rental problem, and the new resume item would bring me back onto the radar in a lot of ways.

Funniest question... "Would you have trouble with working a bit later in the day... say, 10AM to 7PM?" I had to choke back laughter. Anyone who knows me has had experience with me BEFORE 10 AM knows I'm a lot smarter afterwards.

Cross your fingers, y'all. Maybe some of the work I did last night paid off.

Thanks, Kim.
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