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The Going Getting Weird(er)

Okay, this is getting almost twilight zone creepy now.

Roni has a second interview with Blowfish, this time with the owner... this afternoon at 3 PM. Simultaneous interviews? Well, I guess it's appropriate. But then I get a call from Apple... seems I did better in the tech screening than I thought (always my own harshest critic, eh?) and they scheduled a face to face with me for Thursday... at 3 PM.

So, after 3 years of not being interviewed at all I'm suddenly given a choice of jobs. I've been lying here for an hour pondering the pros and cons, and find myself at a loss:

  • Working for Apple again would be cool, but working at NASA would be cooler AND a new resume item.

  • The NASA job is a contract gig, with a small chance of going perm, whereas the Apple gig is perm at the get go. I'm guessing the Apple benefits are similar as they were when I was last there, which means they're above average. Not sure if I get benefits at the NASA thing... it's probably not likely.

  • The store is in Burlingame, NASA is in Mountain View. If Roni and I landed in Heyweird, either would be about the same commute.

  • Both jobs are hourly, and pay about the same. They both will be later in the day (10 AM on), with some weekends. The biggest issue with the Apple thing is I'll be dealing with customers face to face again, in a customer service role: Can I hack that?

So, I could say "been there, done that" with the Apple thing, but it's my best bet for financial stability. After 6 months I would be able to apply for other Apple jobs internally, with a freshly updated tech skill set. The NASA gig could go perm, but would involve a lot more work with (bleh) PC's, which (as noted in yesterdays post) make me insane for the most part.

Obviously if I don't get offered both, it's a no brainer... but what if I do? I totally suck at most watershed moments. At the very least I'm afraid I'll freeze up and blow it completely.

Gah. Just... GAH.
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