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Soooooo Sleepy...

Well, it's Friday night... the first one in a very long time that actually means something. As in "It's the weekend!"

Today at NASA was the first one when I could officially touch hardware in any meaningful way. I finally got my internal e-mail address today, and thus could take the IT Security test (I got a 95%... I missed one question out of 20, but it was an extremely tricky one).

Once that was done, I was finally able to really dig in and do the job, which made for a Happy Yo. As I've said before, being paid to do nothing is not really my bag, whereas keeping busy helping people and processing upgrades (and so forth) makes the day whoosh by.

Roni's face to face with Blowfish went well... she should hear something next week. Since she had the interview we both drove in to NASA together, so she could drop me off and take the car. Since she doesn't have clearance and all to get on the base, she had to leave me by the back gate behind what could be arguably the world largest air vent -- they have this HUGE wind tunnel hat flares to this 10 story wall. I saw some people playing roller hockey in front of it today, which was just a fraction of the surreality of working there.

There's a lot more, but I think my internal clock is resetting itself something fierce... I'm having great difficulty in keeping my eyes open. Since I awoke at 6, it's almost as if I had stayed up until 5 AM under my old sleep schedule. Watch me go "thud" now.
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