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Saturday... In The Park

First a rant: I woke up this morning to Roni asking if the DSL had been working when I went to bed. Short answer.... it had been working then, but wasn't now.

Now last time we had trouble, calling EarthLink, while not what could be considered "fun", was relatively painless. This time...

Well, I missed the first 20 minutes while showering and shaving. When I got back Roni was almost ready to throttle someone... she was detailing her dissatisfaction at being relayed to 4 different people to what was presumably some supervisor creature.

I wound up trying to talk to them, because she doesn't know all the tech details as well as I did. It was immediately apparent that I was being "handled" (I *hate* that) and I had to pull out my "Do NOT screw with me... I'm a tech" mode. He said I had to be transferred to a tech, which made next to no sense to me, but I let him do it anyway.

The tech was a complete imbecile. This is NOT a word I use lightly... I had to repeat myself constantly, to the point I was wondering if some craze dental vigilante had snuck into the house and shot up a jaw with the large econo-size novocaine syringe.

While on hold (again) Roni pointed out that every single person who she had spoken with had the same accent, which seemed odd to her as all their names were clearly "american" -- Jimmy, Rob, Gilbert, Mark, and so forth. That's when the coin dropped.

I finally convinced the idiot that it was NOT a computer problem. He kept trying to route me to another department to based on what computer I used, which was particularly stupid as we were using a wireless router that did all of the connecting, which meant the computers had nothing to do with it. Later, Roni told me how one of the earlier techs kept trying to tell her she had to have software installed to connect, even though she kept telling them that it had been working fine a mere 6 hours earlier, and NOTHING had changed since then.

I finally just told him I had tested with both a Mac AND a PC, and began to simply repeat "This is NOT a computer problem, it's not a problem with the DSL modem, it's a problem with the DSL line itself. Please open a trouble ticket, NOW."

I literally had to dress, go down to the car, and start driving as I was already behind schedule, all while waiting for this moron to give me the stupid number. After he finally did, I straight out asked him: "What country is this call center physically located in?" I suspect they aren't supposed to answer a question like that, but I think no one has had the guts to ask before now... so he simply answered "India".


Note to EarthLink: You're losing a customer when we re-locate. Even SBC handles support calls in a country where English isn't a second language. Oh, and people ask me about high speed connectivity all the time... I will make it a point to warn them away from y'all until you realize how much outsourcing like that REALLY costs.

So, after a trip to Burlingame (detailed in a lock post, for reasons that will be obvious in that post) Roni and I wandered over to the East Bay to do some neighborhood shopping. Later, we came back to the city to catch Scooby Doo 2 (and we LIKED it! Sorry, sometimes you have to put your mind on hold and enjoy the ride... besides, Seth Green was in it)... and now we're at the house watching the TiVo.

G'Night all!
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