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Wow... What An Ironic Situation

Well, damn.

So, as you all know, Apple called me Tuesday (yes, the same day as the NASA interview) to schedule an interview for the Mac Genius position at the Burlingame store. Even though NASA gave me the the job later the same day, I decided to go to the interview... even made sure I got the time off before NASA offered the job. Not that I told them what it was for...

Anyway, it went well enough. In fact, when I got home late last night I find an e-mail from the man who interviewed me asking if I could come in today to see how the Genius Bar at the store worked and to meet the other Mac Geniuses. An extension of the interview process... or an attempt to sell ME on the position?

So, that's why I was in such a hurry to leave this morning. It went really well... they said I should hear something by Tuesday.

Which leaves me in a bit of an ethical dilemma.

The NASA gig isn't perm by any stretch... at best they can guarantee 6 weeks, with a shred of hope that they'll keep me on longer. The Apple gig would pay about the same, and they're going to pay me for a month just to be trained in all the latest Apple tech. It's also permanent AND there's benefits. Lots of them.

lavendersage says that I should try and stall Apple for as long as I can so I can give NASA as much as possible before I have to shift over. I think I can as for two, maybe three weeks reasonably on the basis of ethics, especially since the recruiter at Apple had been so vague about the position in the first place -- no one could expect me not to try and get another job when there was no reason to think I would ever get a call back, after all.

While it's unlikely, I'm terrified the rule of three will toss another "opportunity" in my lap. When it rains, eh? I'm specifically asking for advice from my savvy friends as to what they think I should do.
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