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Snails and Jack Rabbits

When walking through some parts of NASA Ames, one has to watch one's step lest you step on one of the many snails that seem to populate the base. On the other extreme, there are jack-rabbits everywhere. There's a lot of wild life for such a bleeding edge sort of place.

It's been an equally wild few days.

Sunday night, after that heartfelt talk with lovingstones, I wound up getting a call on Monday from her asking if there was ANY way I make it back to Hayward that night.

Since as far as I knew Michele was going to be in Alameda, I said sure... but only if I could keep a date with kshandra that I already had made besides, I was holding her sun glasses hostage).

The Koosh and I spent a lovely two snuggly hours together. I re-borrowed her "Barry Ween: Boy Genius" comic collections, and managed too get to hayweird by 8:30.

Well, I can't say too much... just that I'm way too lucky to live at times. Somehow it feels like a lot of stuff is beginning to shift toward a more balanced flow... no, that's too weak a statement. I'm thinking that things could really be cool.

I had a lot more... but I'm so damn tired I can't form sentences.

I just want to yell out an "I love you!" to lovingstones, penguin_goddess and lavendersage... I know this is all scary. Thanks for hanging in there.
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