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On Turning Into A Pumpkin

Wow... my first full week at work, more or less.

I got PAID yesterday... almost exactly three years from the last time I received a check for my labors. Of course, I'm discovering that there are whole new issues with having an income again... like being so damn tired.

But today as I picked up Macs from various places around one of the odder places to work, the window rolled down as I listed to MP3's on the car stereo, I got this feeling of contentment -- I truly believe that a geek isn't happy unless they're doing something geeky for a living.

I'm a writer at the core... and someone who can't help but be excited at the possibilities of technology. Neo-luddites be damned... I want my direct brain interface already!

I have a few concerns, some serious. For one thing, I want to be moved out of the house in Boulder Creek by May, which means hunting for a new place to live, packing, and moving. At the same time, I have personal issues independent of that, like the almost complete breakdown of communication with penguin_goddess, which is especially frustrating in light of the progress I've made with Michele (we spent most of this week hanging out during the evenings, watching TV and talking... a lot...) lavendersage and lovingstones -- so much so that I feel a lot more hopeful even in the face of so much yet to be done.

I'm hoping that people will be patient with me for awhile as I start to re-create my life.

Okay, time to go thud. G'night.
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