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Strange Dreams, Again

Last night I had this dream about my step father, back when he was still drinking. I was apparently still living at home, and was 39, but my mother was dead. I was trying to escape him, apparently, and was trying to fix a truck. The dream started when i was bargaining to buy a truck that worked, but the deal had collapsed when I pointed out that there was no left turn signals on the driver side front fender, and the man (who was just handing me the sale agreement on a clipboard) shrugged and drove away.

I was frantickly packing the fixed vehicle when the step came home in a drunken rage. I was chased around the truck, until I jumped in and drove off.

There's a confusing bit here, where I think I died, and had a conversation with some spirits...the imagery was pretty intense. There was a lot of conversation about researching some important theological point, and somehow I wound up alive again, and walking up to a grove of trees in the middle of a large town.

All the trees were marked with signs taped to their trunks, declaring them to have some sort of Cyprus disease, and that if you wanted to view them this would be the last week before they were burned.

There was a large crowd of people gathering amongst the trees, all looking forlorn and lost, as if they had given up all hope. A woman accused me of not understanding what it was like, and I countered with a story of a grove I had cherished when I was younger. Oddly enough, in the dream I said it was in Central Park, when in fact it was a grove in Sayville, Long Island that is now a strip mall and bowling alley.

People started to leave, saying what a shame it was, and wishing out loud that it was awful that there was no cure...when I suddenly got an inspiration and raised my voice.

"Who actually tested these trees?"

People looked confused. Apparently, no one had asked the question before now.

"Just a couple of guys from the government," Came the reply.

"What, no one thought to get a second opinion?"

People stood there looking stunned. Suddenly, they all started to talk at once.

"I had to repeat myself a couple of times before they all fell silent. I said, "What if these trees aren't sick? What if we're being lied to?"

Slowly, as I spoke a pavilion was clear to me, set up in front of the grove. There were a few people sitting in rows and rows of seats, and a platform with a podium in front of them.

There was someone trying to speak with them, but he was having trouble with the crowd...he was losing them.

I walked up, and gently took the microphone from his hand. I started to speak, after walking back and forth of the stage once for effect.

I wish I could remember the exact words...I only recall that what I said seem to ring out and capture them, grab their eyes and fix them on me and what I said. I remember walking onto the stage to take that mic with no fear, thinking "This is what I wanted".

I do remember one thing that happened early in the talk. A rainbow appeared to my left, over some hills. I stopped when I saw it, saying "Rainbow alert, people! Show your children. Look at it yourselves. That's why I moved here, a part of it's beauty". I paused again...and then continued.

I'm leaving out a few details, only because they're so many: It was a very vivid dream. It almost felt like I was awake. This morning, I woke up when Roni's alarm went off, and she was surprised I was awake, and said so. Still wrapped up in dreams of that growing crowd, I said, "Haven't you heard? I never sleep."

I have to run. Toria chatted with me online last night and asked to meet me for lunch at noon, and it's already 20 of 11....I have 20 minutes to brush teeth, shower, and get into the car. Hopefully the wet weather won't keep me from getting to campbell in time. There's a lot I want to talk about this weekend with her, including much I haven't gotten to here yet.
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