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I Don't Know Jesus, But If You Hymn A Few Words I Can Fake It

So, there's some sort of march going on this morning that wound up running right under Roni's window, complete with this constant singing...

It was, as far as I could tell, some local church marching, as the classic preacher type was chanting at the top of his lungs through a bull horn, "for equality... for peace... for justice..." All perfectly acceptable, really. Unless you happen to be a grumpy tech trying to sleep in for the first time in two weeks.

Whilst in the bathroom I did my best "Grinch" imitation, and sleepily growled "I must find a way to keep christians from coming!"

Before she had a chance to say it herself, I followed... "Oh... I guess they do well enough on that score on their own."

So, where was I before I collapsed?

The sneakers I've been wearing for the last two weeks are about ten years old, though I wore them infrequently enough that they were at least wearable, as opposed to disintegrating from actually being USED for a decade. I wandered over to the SouthLand mall on the east bay simply because it was the only one my already overfused brain could recall.

Thus we found ourself in a mall. On Saturday. Ick.

After two grouchy shoe store experiences where the only pair that even caught my eye at all was a pair of Reeboks classics (oh dear), thus causing me to exclaim that I was turning into one of those people who didn't "get" the modern world. Next thing you know I'll actually use the term "dagnamit!" in a non-ironic fashion.

We wound up wandering into the JC Penny's, where they had EXACTLY what I wanted in a size 10 1/2 wide... on sale, yet. Those, and a bag of socks (I only have three pairs, really... I mean, I wear SANDALS all the time. Or at least I did. Sigh...) cost me 50 bucks. Yea!

While searching for new footwear, Michele called me back. She told me that she might have a buyer for the house, and it ISN'T the broker... apparently our chiropractor is looking for a property to "flip", the practice of buying a place, sprucing it u with some minor changes, and re-selling at a substantial profit. Our place is perfect for this, and after viewing it he agreed. I would love it if he decided to buy it... I really like Jeff as a person, and not as the best darn Chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of cracking my spine, and it would de me heart good to know he was making some money out of our old place.

Afterwards, though we were both way too tired to do a movie, I wanted to drop by and see penguin_goddess and hang for a bit. Roni had me call her first, which was a smart idea... she turned out to have been in the shower, and doubtless would have disliked people dropping by whilst she was wet and naked.

On the way, I realized I hadn't called my mom about the new job yet, so I did that while we were stuck in traffic. She was delighted to hear the news, so I decided that would be a good time to break the news about selling the house... though I was deliberately vague regarding my use of the pronoun "we", i.e. "We're selling the house" vs "we may have found a place in Alameda". Sort of like that joke about microsoft technical support: Accurate, but practically useless.

After arriving at the House the Wonder Triplets Built, we spent some time talking with Kim, mostly about stuff that I shouldn't repeat here... suffice it to say that I'm mostly glad that my siblings aren't on the same level as her sister, or steelmagnoliaca's for that matter.

Speaking of which, I need to get moving if I'm going to get trimmed, showered, and ready to head over there. The next 24 hours are going to be huge.... tomorrow I give notice at NASA and find out if the lovely people at the Alameda place (we're going to have to come up with a great name for it) are going to let us give them money. If not complete toasted tomorrow night, I'll try and at pop in for a quick entry to keep everyone apprised.
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