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Progress Reportage From The Back...*

* as opposed to the front, of course!

So, I did the hard thing yesterday, and gave notice at NASA. Judy Hover, my supervisor, was DELIGHTED. You have no idea how much guilt is alleviated in a situation like that. I think I also earned major points because I told her before Apex -- even though that was a no brainer for me. Apex is essentially pimping me to NASA, and while I have a great deal of respect for Prostitution of all sorts, I have only minor loyalty toward those who are probably earning as much as I am off of my efforts.

My plan was to call Apex about it after I finished for the day, but I never got the chance: They called me within 30 minutes. Apparently Judy had sent them a "we're going to need another tech" email. Later, while talking it over with Michele, she told me that they were probably going to try and counter offer me... only there really wasn't any contest there. More money, maybe... but benefits, training, and PERM?

Oh, and discounts. Gotta love those.

Today was nuts... seems like the process kept breaking down in all these weird ways, creating the usual dose of chaos and confusion. At one point I spent an hour trying to track down rooms that didn't exist for equipment surveys that, as it turned out, had already been done. None of it my fault, fortunately... though it grates to see things broken. Fortunately I have an interesting combination of newbie delight and short-timer's optimism to keep me from stressing about things.

Around mid afternoon it became official... I now have a new place to live! Another satisfied Craig's List user. Check out the pics while they last... I have no idea when they'll pull them down.

So, last night my goal was to clear out the small attic space we have, and somehow managed it (despite not realizing I had forgotten to spring ahead the ONE clock I use regularly that ISN'T updated automagically). Tonight I had resolved to pack 5 boxes, and did that plus a bag of stuffed critters. Of course, I cheated by packing books... though I did cull out a third of them for donating/giving away.

I figure if I get a bunch more of the magazine/comic book boxes for the large format stuff I have, plus pack five boxes tomorrow, I should have gotten a huge portion of my stuff packed and sorted. I'm not even certain if I have another 10 boxes after that... which is good, because I'm probably going to have to re-use boxes from Michele and Rob's move.

My goal is to pull a life laundry thing with my own stuff, and to help Roni with hers (though she's already made a good start this past weekend, which I know is really hard for her). This place has decent storage and all, but I don't want to lug a bunch of stuff I don't need any more up three flights of stairs. That includes a load of obsolete computer equipment that has to do SOMEONE some good.

Which reminds me... I need to ask one of the Wonder Triplets for Emma's phone number. If she still wants a computer, I have an old 1400 that could use a good home. I just wish I had gotten it together enough to have it go up with lovingstones and lavendersage this past weekend. Ah well, at least there's always Beltaine... which, in theory (snorts) I'll be almost through all this.

Now excuse me... I have to go make some lists to try and figure out what all needs to be done in the next 14 days.
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