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Apple, Nasa, and Nuclear Wessels

Thanks to a bit of luck I didn't have to drive all the way to Watsonville to get a cashier check from my bank. The Santa Cruz Community Credit Union only has one branch open on Saturdays, and closes 6 PM on Fridays -- I originally thought "there's no way I could drive from Mountain View to Downtown Santa Craze... During rush hour... on a FRIDAY."

I had completely forgotten that it was Good Friday. For one, that meant the guy in charge of us chased us out at 4. For another, the traffic was almost non-existent... I actually made it to the bank before 5.

Minor Digression: If you haven't already, dump your bank and go with a credit union. The service is FANTASTIC, and you somehow feel a little less icky. Oh, and there's no ATM fee if you go to any Credit Union ATM. End Digression.

You have to love a bank that allows it's workers to wear tee-shirts and jeans. It only took me 15 minutes to order checks, get the cashier's check, deposit my pay-check, and even put in a request to get back some money that the state somehow got it's hands on when the account went inactive.

I was just on my way back up the coast (I decided to take highway 1, simply because it had been too long since I last had and it's a FUN drive), when I got a call from lavendersage asking for ice cream for the Wonder Triplets. I had to (regretfully) decline, but plan to make it up to them tonight when Roni and I go to Hayweird for a game night.

After hitting the city, I had the bright idea to take Roni out for a steak dinner at the Outback. For literally the first time in years, I paid the check... considering how many times she's treated me to dinner there, it was a nice change of pace.

There's a minor problem with the Apple acceptance letter, which my new manager is working on getting taken care of, so the side trip to Burlingame to deal with the paperwork has been postponed. Thus a Saturday that promised to be heavily overloaded is now fairly wide open, which meant I could sleep in (yea!!!) and make the trip over to Alameda to drop off the check for rent and security deposit far more leisurely.

On that note, we're off!
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