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Where To Begin...

There's a phrase used when companies send out a press release for a product, service, or whatever that is yet to be announced: Embargoed. As in "this information is embargoed until..." and usually a magic date whereupon the info is safe to be released. This is a courtesy to those lead times that print publications have to contend with, so the info isn't horribly stale when it actually hits that newsstand.

Here I am, in a way "embargoed" until tomorrow night sometime. That's because there are people to contact, people who ned to find out from someone that Linda Underhill died last night, apparently in her sleep. Chris Springhorn, the woman that was giving her a place to stay, found her this morning.

What words could I possibly use to describe how much this hurts? Part of it is the fact that I'm not exactly on the most stable keel right now, what with everything else that's happening.

12 years as friends, lovers, and mutual support. I was so looking forward to being able to see her again now that I was working again, waiting only for the dust to clear from the moves. Now she's gone.

This so sucks.
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