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"So, What Now?" He Ponders...

I'm sitting here at NASA making up for my early departure yesterday by babysitting a deployment that otherwise would haave waited until tomorrow... except that it needs to be delivered tomorrow. Choices are, to stay here for an extra 50 minutes or so tonight, or to come in an equal amount of time earlier tomorrow. Guess what I chose.

I've opened up yesterday's entry to the public regarding Linda's death. I've already heard that there's to be a memorial for the entire run of Southern Faire next Spring... she would have liked that. As for the more immediate future, I still haven't heard. I suppose I could call Chris, or Matthew, or... hell, to be honest, I don't know if I can call anyone else right now. I'm too raw and hurt.

You have to love a universe that, in the face of someone grappling with pain and loss as it is, decides to up the ante just a tad. I've lost people I've cared about, even loved, before... but Linda is a whole new level of loss. When I think of the things in my life that are magic, the things that I remember with a crystal clarity because I was aware of the specialness of those moments as they were happening, a large number of them involve Linda, both at ren faire and not.

I want to say something to all of you that have offered your caring, understanding, and support: Thank you. No, not thanks... that's too weak a way of expressing the gratitude I truly feel. Bless you... that's closer. At least, it'll have to do until I can stop getting all weepy everytime I confront writing about my feelings around this turn of events.

The system is now deployed... time for me to go.
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