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Yet Another Desperate Attempt to Sum It All Up

So, yesterday I finished up the NASA gig. 3 and a half weeks wandering the halls of a place I worshipped as a child... wondering how the heck they managed to make such a mess of the place.

The ODIN group really liked me, and was especially great this week. My supervisor, Judy, was amazingly supportive when I got word of Linda's death monday, and Friday they treated me to a wonderful lunch at the new Cheesecake factory on University in Palo Alto. The weirdest part about the meal was wondering if the woman in the booth across from me was REALLY Amy Legare, who owned the home that Linda stayed at for several months a few years ago. I never got the courage to ask her, and she made no indication that she had any idea that it was me. I'm supposing I was hallucinating due to extreme stress.

The stress? Well, as I mentioned to someone at NASA, it seems that the old saying is true: "Eat a live frog at the beginning of your day, and things will not get any worse." I got some of the worst news to begin the week, yet the rest of the week has brought me one good thing after another. It's almost as if the universe was trying to make some small effort to make up for the blow.

First, we've found buyers for the house. No, not JUST buyers... they're both geeks moving from Virginia, where their house was located 12 MILES off the nearest paved road. Thus our place must seem positively urban in comparison... nicer weather as well. They mentioned that they had to buy a SNOW PLOW last year to dig their way in and out of their own home.

He interviewed with (of all places) APPLE on Monday, and got the job, and they loved the place so much that they want to offer us 20K OVER our asking price to keep it off the market. They love the outdoor cat that adopted us, Mary, and will take care of her... which was one of the last lingering doubts I had. They're so eager to get the place that they're willing to forgo having us make some of the minor fixes (some retaining wall work and a new hot tub cover, for example) so they could get in as quickly as possible. They even want to rent the place while waiting for escrow to close!

He's a kilt wearing bearded geek, and she's a cute plump woman. Our kind of people.

It kept getting better. I thought that there would be a huge tax hit on any money we made, only it would seem that hit is non-existent if you've owned a home for longer than a few years. And then Rob, bless her, did our taxes... and we're getting the biggest refund I've ever seen in my life. And THEN there was the discovery (thanks in part to Ron's work on the aforementioned IRS paperwork) of a 401K account that I had no idea I still had. That's right... even MORE money.

The universe is making it pretty darn clear that moving out of here is the right thing to do. To her credit, Michele did tell me that everything would work out like this... I even concede that, if Linda had to go, her leaving while I was so busy and getting so much GOOD news was a blessing in disguise.

I turns out that she recently had been informed that she had won her case with Social Security... the fucks who have spent the last couple of years denying her any benefits whatsoever. It has been pointed out that that might have been her last "battle"... and since the money is paid retroactively, it should go to paying some of her final expenses and such. I hope they don't try to screw out of that posthumously.

Now, I have a few hours to get some packing done, then it's off to hayward to support penguin_goddess during her ritual over her dad's passing. I should post this and move it along.
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