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ISDNot (Or, How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Dial-Up)

So, thanks to some massive miscommunication, SBC shut off my ISDN at 10 Am this morning. Since it would take longer to get it turned on than it would take for me to actually move into the new place, I decided to just let it go.

I'm using dial-up at the new flat, which isn't too horrible... after dealing with 24.4 (on average) for so long, just hearing a modem negotiate to 50 is a sweet sound. As of Friday the high speed cable is going in, and (as it turns out) so am I.

The latest plan is to split a moving truck between Michele and I, since we're living so close together in Alameda and all... which means a bill I expected to push to 1000 bucks has now descended to 300 and change. This means no more heavy lifting for Yo, which makes Yo very happy.

The only bummer was deciding on this course AFTER I loaded the car up for another trip up. Since it would take almost as much energy to bring it all back up to the house as it would to drag it up to the new location, I decided to write it off as my days work-out.

Now, I'm going to post this quickly and head over to SF, where Apple has sent me a fed-ex (ANOTHER one) to be signed and returned before Thursday. At least I get a new tee shirt out of the deal.
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