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That's What I Needed... MORE Stress

[note: I actually wrote this last week, but thanks to issues with networking, moving, and everything else fun and dandy in my life, it isn't getting posted until today. Oops....]

So, I was SUPPOSED to have the cable installed today. However, after about 6 people and at least two levels of management actually came to the house, it was determined that they need to bring out the cherry picker... which means I have to be at the new place first thing Monday morning. When I suggested they just run the cable from the top down, and fix it as high as their ladders could reach (which would have left maybe 5 feet without those little cable stays), they acted as if I had posited that they should deface the local church.


Adding to the fun is the constant shifting of schedules and such. I start a week of self-training Monday, which is pretty much absolute: What's tricky is where that studying will happen. I can spend time in SF (which is actually not a bad idea, as I can help with the packing during breaks), though spending Sunday night in Hayweird is dicey thanks to the bright and early cable dude who might or might not be able to install aforementioned coax... perhaps I'll coax lavendersage over to MY place for a change.

It hasn't been all awful this week... I managed to squeeze in a soak with kshandra earlier in the week (happy memory smile) and another with penguin_goddess Yesterday. I think I would have gone ballistic today save for that.

Just before the tub Wednesday I had one of those moments that re-confirms that I'm actually a VERY lucky boy. I was supposed to send this fedex pack back to Apple so that it got there thursday. Tuesday night, after taking a load of personal debris over to Alameda (plus a side trip to spend some much needed quality time with lavendersage), I figured I would just drop it off at the FedEx office in Cupertino. Sure, it's weird over-nighting a package from the town you're sending it to, but I knew where that particular office was, and it wasn't too far out of the way...

Except the FedEx office didn't have a FedEx drop box.

No worries... I figured I would drop it off in town on the way to tub with Kim.

Only when I got there, I found out they have their pick ups at *3* PM. And the nearest FedEx office was in Soquel. With only 40 minutes to get from BC to down town Cruz, I was faced with a choice... much needed stress reduction (not to mention physically therapeutic... I'm aching from head to toe), or a vital document for a job I really wanted.

After calling Kim to warn her that that I might be late, I had the brilliant idea of calling the HR person the package was actually addressed to. She laughed at my misery (not directly... she had no idea what a mess I was, after all) and said they only put those deadlines on documents to emphasize how important it is to get them in right away.

Literally the second I hung up the phone, relaxing in the knowledge that my life would NOT end if the package arrived Friday... I spot a FedEx truck not two blocks ahead of me. Even better, the driver came out and climbed aboard just as I pulled up... I didn't even need to get out of the car to hand it to him. I even made it to the tub place on time (a parking space directly in front, with 90 minutes left on the meter helped).

[Now, on to TODAY's Entry!]
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