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Delayed... But Important

Hey, just wanted to pass this on (especially since I gave this org a tentative thumbs up when they first got started) -- kshandra clued me into a link to a story about Club Curves that made me more than a little nauseous, the relevant passage being the following:

"Just so you know: Gary Heavin, the founder of the Waco, Texas-based chain of exercise studios called Curves, is a heavy contributor to several organizations allied with Operation Save America, the rather more muscular successor to Operation Rescue, the anti-choice group.

"The organizations he funds are spreading the lie that abortions lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. Planned Parenthood says its operations in Texas are being threatened by Heavin-funded clinics based on the old therapeutic model "you must carry your child to term."

"In an article in Christianity Today, Heavin expressed pride in his involvement with anti-choice groups, to which he donates 10 percent of Curves' profits. You may do with this information what you will."

I already know of at least half a dozen women who have either cancelled memberships or decided against joining based on this little factoid. Ah well... I was already getting peeved that they went from "fit at any weight" to the usual weight loss focus anyway.

[and I know she posted this a week or so ago already... it's just been THAT busy]
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