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The Perils of Pantheacon, Part II

Saturday night seems somewhat fractured to me now, but I do remember a few things.

After meeting with Teri, I walked to my room to drop some of my assorted props: The beaver skin flogger, shackles, and so forth. To my surprise both Karin and Roni were already there, huddles under the covers, naked and...shivering?

Turns out the hot tub wasn't. The stupid jets wouldn't turn off, and the water, merely tepid, eventually had them running for the room.

Roni convinced me to go drumming...she thinks it's good for me. I suspect it is, in a way. Karin came down with me, a bit nervous about attending her first real Pagan event, in a way. As it turns out, she spent most of the next two hours fascinated with this one belly dancer with incredible abdominal control.

It was a good drum, though I felt my lack of practice showed. gtpooh was there, wearing a lovely outfit, and avalon33 finally appeared. Kathleen was dancing with gtpooh, and several other large women were there as well. It was a GOOD night to drum.

When we finally got back to the room it was almost 2 am, and (as usual) I was horny as hell. Drumming does that to me. However, Roni simply was not in the mood (a fairly rare occurrence, actually), so Karin and I had a quiet session together in the other bed before I crawled in with Roni to sleep. I *really* wish that hotel had some king beds left when I reserved the room.

I honestly don't remember waking up Sunday. I do remember Teri dropping by to give me her schedule, which began the series of events that would result in one of the worst afternoons I had in quite some time.

It started because Roni had gone down to grab some food while Karin and I slept. I woke up first, and went in to brush my teeth, chatting with Karin back in bed. Karin overheard me talking to Teri after I let her in, and misunderstood the conversation. Thinking I was making plans to be with someone else that afternoon, she made a big point of yelling out that I needed to check with Roni before I solidified anything.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset by all of this. For one thing, I had already made that clear to Teri. Another was that, good intentions aside, Karin really shouldn't have put it the way she did: It was as it I were incapable of communicating, when it was Roni who didn't let me know what she wanted the day before.

When Roni got back the three of us began what turned out to be a very long talk, one that ran several hours. I have thought long and hard about how much detail I should go into about it, and I think I should just leave it with the generalities. First and foremost, I had to confront some serious errors in judgement that I didn't want to, and work it out with two people that I love intensely and who loved me enough that they wouldn't let me run. It was hard as hell, but I think we're all going to be together for one hell of a long time.

When the dust settled, I had arranged with Roni to be with Teri that evening between 6 and 8:30 pm (I know, sometimes being poly sounds so damn clinical...but if you're going to do some of this stuff, time management is REALLY important). Karin had to go home, as she had work the next day (yes, on president's day).

After I walked Karin to the car, I managed to catch up with Teri to let her know about the confirmed time. I went back to the room to touch base and connect a bit with Roni after a rough, emotional afternoon, waiting until almost 6 before I got up to go...when Roni's phone rang.

Now, I think I've mentioned Roni's extreme needle phobia here before now. It is now easily matched by Karin's phobia of bridges. Yes, the kind that go over the San Francisco bay.

Normally, you can take 101 to 680, which will get you to Pittsburgh, CA without a single bridge. However, thinking she had to go north bound on 101 to go north (normally a logical assumption...it just wasn't correct) she wound up heading away from 680, which was a mere 5 miles south from the hotel.

Panicking, she made the mistake of taking 84 to Fremont (which she recognized as on her way normally), not realizing that it was going to take her to the Dumbarton Bridge.

She went completely hysterical then.

Sure, laugh. I'll bet a lot of you have phobias just as bizarre.

So we had to talk her over the bridge, getting her to breath. Then it was my job to mentally picture a route that would get her back on track to get home.

I was only 15 minutes late getting to Teri's room.

Speaking of which, Karin just asked me to call her. I'll post this, and (hopefully) get caught up with this tomorrow.
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