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Just Quick Shout Out Of "Blessed Beltaine"...

I know, I haven't been posting much. I've had this in home training thing I've been trying to keep up with, not to mention helping Michele and Rob with their move stuff, unpacking, trying to get to the house to finish cleaning it, helping Roni pack up (she moves in next weekend... hooray!), dealings with the Wonder Triplets (including an amazing night with lovingstones), and trying to figure out the financial dance -- you know, all those charges that are currently going to the joint account that should be going to mine alone, or cancelled altogether.

Yes, that was a run-on paragraph: It goes with my run-on life. Today Roni and I are heading up to Ukiah to celebrate Beltaine with the rest of the Coven, which should be (at least) fun. Since I landed at the end of the month with more than enough to cover the rent (with some more money aside), and with at least half a week's pay from Apple in the next week or so, I'm feeling less panicky about splurging for a room to crash at while we're there. Once I get my half of the tax refund, I'll be more than covered until the house sells (which is still in track despite the usual list of contingencies).

A special shout out to "JCR" for the great "welcome back to Apple" e-mail... I'm not ignoring you, dude, I'm just overloaded.

Okay, now to rinse the gunk from my eyes and brush my teeth. I'll post more probably Sunday.
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