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Tried and Tested*

* Or is that "Tired and Testy"? Not too sure myself at the moment.

So, after the obnoxiously hot weather last week, it only seems fitting that, tonight at least, I would be freezing. For the first time since moving in I've closed all but one window here at Chez Watt, and am actually pondering snuggies (read: sweats) to combat the chill. I guess I should be grateful... it's always easier to get warmer.

As of tonight I'm almost completely un-packed, and actually fairly organized. My goal this week was to get the kitchen organized, the remaining dead (i.e. unusable) cardboard and paper product set for recycling, drawers prepped with liners, and so forth.

Today was the first of three tests I needed for certification as a "Mac Genius". I sat down to what was supposed to be a two hour test. 20 minutes later, I had finished and aced it.

I *hate* being the first person done with a test. Fortunately, the instructor (a really cool guy) sent me out for an extended break. All six of us passed, apparently all with above average scores.

At least that's out of the way!

I actually wound up car-pooling today with one of the students, who (the only other local) happened to live in Alameda. I'll probably do the pooling thing with him all next week, which would make for a much easier time driving to and from Cupertino, and greatly reduce our out of pocket. Doing the diamond lane thing kept the trip down to 45 minutes each way, which is excellent for rush hour travel times here.

Since he's been in Alameda awhile, I've been pumping his brains for tips on local eateries and such.

Monday was mostly orientation type stuff, including the ever important Apple badge... which, to my surprise, actually gives my 7 to 7 access at the Apple campus itself. That means I can actually attend beer bashes if I was so inclined (and my schedule permitted). While not a big beer drinker myself, the bashes would be a great chance to hook up with some old contacts at Apple, at the very least.

Beltaine with the rest of the Lucid Pagans went really well... we did all sorts of crafty stuff (the plan was to "glamour bomb" the locals with bits of random beauty and such, with special emphasis on a local retirement home), and apparently Raven (who is an actual working artist as I define the position) liked one of my pieces well enough to keep herself... which flattered me immensely.

Roni and I brought a popular dessert (Marie Callander's strawberry cream and chocolate cream pies), which became the ritual "cake" and breakfast (in that order). Roni had a blast, and the trip to and from Ukiah was wonderful... with only a small tremor brought on as I drove through San Rafeal and Novato on the way up -- Linda's old apartment, and the location of the old Ren Faire at Black Pointe where we first met. Since it had been years since the Black Pointe faire had shut down, with Linda moving down to Pasadena shortly before that, it had been a long time since I had been in either place. Even dragonwitchling had moved out of Novato before we started seeing each other again.

Sometimes memory sucks.

So, the rest of the week is crammed: I have the training in Cupertino (until a week from Friday), some more stuff to finish up at Boulder Creek, some more packing to do with Roni, the actual Move of The Red Head, assorted unpacking...

Oh! And I have actually had a positive E-Bay experience, at long last! Not that they have been BAD, per se... just that I lack the will and persistence to actually successfully bid for something. I scored a "wireless" phone jack system and an additional extension module (needed to hook up my Tivo and Roni's Replay) for about 35 bucks. Since the extension module ALONE runs 40 bucks in the "real world", I was happy... and the really long phone cord I had to run from the only phone jack in the apartment has been cheerfully rolled up.

Now I plan to relax for a couple of hours comfortably vegetating. There will be much rejoicing.
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