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Another Fast And Dirty (Mind) Entry

Well, class is about to begin, but I wanted to note a few things:

Despite overwhelming exhaustion last night I succeeded in gett a ton of stuff packed for Roni, who has had the bad luck to catch a flu this week. I actually half expected that to happen -- she's been stressed for so long that I figured her body would demand it's due soon enough. I was just hoping it would be AFTER this Saturday. The happy news is that her fever seems to have broken somewhat.

On the way to training in Cupertino today (the traffic was completely non-existent today... what's up with that?) I spotted a license plate on 280 that read "FAB5FAN". The car was driven by this remarkably prim looking middle aged woman, which both amused and heartened me no end. I flashed her a thumbs up as I passed her, smiling.

Goddess, I am SO damn tired. My schedule today includes a visit to the Valley Fair Apple Store, and then the Apple company beer bash. Hopefully I'll put in a quick appearance at the bash and get back to the city to finish up the last minute packing in Roni's room, and (knocks on wood) make a dent in the stuff in the garage. I hope that I can bundle Roni up, make her comfy in some corner, and have her direct me the way she did last night. My reasoning is that, since a lot of that stuff has been sitting down there for over 5 years, that a good portion of it can just go away. After all, I would hate to pay for the time needed to drag that stuff up three floors in Alameda, only to drag the majority of it back down again.

The move itself is tomorrow at 9 AM. My plan is to be unconscious by 9PM. If, by some twist of fate, I am able to type more than random characters, I'll try to pop in at least a status update.

I'm so close to done, I can taste it. Or maybe that's just the dust.
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