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Monday's Are Always A Chore

Though perhaps more so today than others. Part of the problem was staying up later than I intended watching the "Survivor" finale (only because I thought Rupert actually stood a chance this time) with Roni and lavendersage. Ironically, it turns out Rupert DOES have a chance... with this whole "you get to choose" who gets the second million thing. Vote early, vote often... as long as it's for Rupert.

Is it me, or does Rupert's wife look a lot like Camryn Manheim?

Anyway, after that Audra and I went and snuggled up, talked, and then I turned out the lights... and instead of sleeping (like a sane geek) we jumped each other. As a result, when the alarm sounded at 6 AM, I was running on a mere 5 hours sleep. Interesting thing: When the clock radio kicked over to KFOG, what should they be talking about but the aforementioned Survivor finale. When the audience voted million was raised, there was this brief pause, then an almost simultaneous muttering of the name "Rupert". Folks, the only way that man WON'T get the money is if the whole thing is rigged.

Despite this, it was a good morning (despite a minor mishap that is TMI no matter how you look at it), and I managed to shower, shave, brush my teeth, and hit the curb before my classmate rode up to carpool with me.

What makes the whole carpool thing extra cool: I can expense part of the distance travelled, so I wind up with a little extra money out of the deal. Sweet.

A long day of Apple training later, and I crawled home, exhausted. My plan is to crash early tonight, in hopes of feeling almost ready to awaken when the alarm rings this morning.

Yes, I remembered to call my Mom for "her" day. My hope is to get her a nice gift for her b-day... perhaps a... oh, wait, she reads this sometimes. I'll mention it privately then.
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