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MMMmmm... Toasted Yo Brains!

[this was SUPPOSED to go up MONDAY night. Guess I really WAS toasty!]

[note two: And when I tried to post it this morning, the server kicked it back. IIt was undergoing maintenance, or something. Gah...]

Well, today was the first day in the store. Can we say "overwhelmed" kids?

By my dinner break (it was a late shift for the first day) I was utterly convinced I was screwing everything up, and was totally incapable of helping anyone to do anything. What evidence did I have for this? Evidence? You were expecting, maybe, logic or something?

I called Roni and lavendersage on the verge of tears, and it occurred to me that perhaps some caffeine and food would make things a bit better. It did, at least enough for me to find the courage to walk back into the store, whereupon I helped several people and found myself a bit more grounded and centered.

All I can say is, thank GODDESS I made sure to get plenty of rest this weekend. Even with kshandra spending Friday night and the final cleanup at Roni's old place in SF Saturday afternoon, I managed to sleep in Saturday AND sunday... and even Monday at lavendersage's place in Hayweird.
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