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Nothing Up My Sleeve...

Today at the store was nuts... Where did all these people come from, and on a Thursday afternoon, yet?

I know it's negative thinking at it's worst, but I keep waiting for a shoe to drop... probably on my head. I keep tackling problems, and somehow manage to solve a goodly number of them. Products and hardware I've never used before, and yet there's some wild intuition that saves me from looking like a moron and leaves people looking on in wild wonder at perceived brilliance.

Is that all genius is... is the courage to say "I don't know... let's see what happens?"

If When I make it through tomorrow, that will be an entire week of helping people without totally screwing anything up. Will my overdosing on Ose ness* be my undoing, or will I just have to admit that maybe I'm actually really GOOD at this already?

Hell, I even sold a CPU today, and a lot of my work this week has laid the groundwork for at least another dozen sales... half to people who walked in really miffed about their computer or iPod problems. That's including the AppleCare extended warranty coverage!

Oops, CSI is on in a couple of minutes... gotta run!

* you know... Ose, ose, and more ose? Thanks to kshandra for THAT one!
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