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The Dark Side of Retail - Part One*

* Because I'm CERTAIN this will be a continuing saga, you know.

So, yesterday I wander into the store at 1 PM to discover one of the other Johns (because there are *5* of us there, after all), and the main Genius who was supposed to be shadowing me that day, has called in sick, thus leaving me to man the Genius bar alone for the evening.

To the credit of the store assistant manager, there was a plan to break me for an hour to get dinner. Unfortunately there was no way I could walk away from the bar when there was this huge backup in place. It's that fatal flaw of mine rearing it's ugly ooze dripping head again: I deep down can't stand disappointing people.

I don't think it would have been so bad, except that Murphy like's to strike at such times, and it seemed EVERYONE brought in their problem machines last night. Somehow I managed to keep from losing it, and even solved a few problems. That could be credited for holding me together... little triumphs can go a long way when incredibly stressed.

So, when the dust cleared by 10 PM I had worked straight through 9 and a half hours. I did closing the best I could (which turned out I did alright), and limped home to get some rest before wandering in today at 10. When I gave Roni a call to give her an update, I mentioned that I was popping some Aleve in the hopes of killing some pain. She thought it was my right knee acting up again... I explained it was actually that band of muscle between my shoulder blades. What can I say, I tend to hunch when under pressure. I try to remember to straighten out and breath once in awhile when that happens, but there was nary a moment to do even that.

Today was marginally better, though now it seems we were down our manager... oh, and the aforementioned ill genius. He managed to limp in by 7ish, looking fairly green and just ill enough to soften my grumbliness (and to cause me to keep my distance for fear of contracting whatever the hell it was). It had come dangerously close to the possibility of a 12 hour shift tonight. The overtime pay is nice, but sleep is nicer, especially since tomorrow I'm due in by 7 AM. Gah...

I'm seriously re-thinking the year commitment thing. After all, corporate policy is six months, and since my start date is April 26, as of tomorrow I only have five months to go. Somehow five months seems doable -- and since it could take awhile for the right job to come up on the internal job boards, I could wind up being there a bit longer.

Just a bit.
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