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Meanwhile, Back In Hayward... Alameda... and Other Fun Places

Well, last week was lovingstones birthday... so this Sunday I really wanted to have a nice present for her. Making it even trickier was a special event (which I can't mention here) that made it even more imperative to find the perfect something to commemorate the day.

Roni and I had some extremely vague ideas, and Michele and lavendersage both had really kickass suggestions... but a trip to Ancient Ways in Oakland totally reset the whole thing. They had a now fairly rare piece of artwork by Reva, the genius behind several pieces I (and pretty much everyone I know, at this point) wear... and in fact was the artist who inspired my tattoo and the Rotunda web site logo.

I always fret about gift giving, yet for all of that I seem to do okay. She really seemed to like the piece, and wore it for the rest of the evening.

Speaking of which, what a great evening it turned out to be! Audra is really improving energy wise of late, something I made sure to express to her directly. I also noted that it could also be the fact that I'm a lot less Doomy and Gloomy of late, having finally made those last bits of leaping from Boulder Creek to Alameda, and with the rather torturous process of finalizing the sale of the house (the last twist being handled by Michele, despite still healing up from her nasty spill of two weeks ago) literally THIS close to being completed. I've even begun to consider the continuing story of finding furniture to stash the boxes of stuff (at this point almost completely culled of the dross pre-move) so that we don't sink back into the tragedy of not knowing where anything is.

That, and I want to have people over. As in GROUPS of people. Rituals, hanging out, having dinner, sleeping over, small orgies... hell just COMPANY. I've never been big on wild parties, even back in college... the small, intimate after parties were always better, from my perspective.
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