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Whiplash Week - What a World!

So, I discovered much this day about my co-workers and employment environment in general, and have discovered that I, once again, thought the worst of the situation as opposed to the person -- unless you count myself, of course.

After an exchange with the single fellow Apple employee I could see disliking -- I really don't KNOW anyone there long enough to declare either way -- I discovered that his opinion is seriously in the minority. As in, when he managed to push a MAJOR button of mine by telling me how important it was that we we're all "on the same page", further exacerbating that strange insistence that I agree with something that seemed to run counter to the philosophy I had been hearing... but I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Not to mention a grey area wherein I shouldn't divulge too many facts.

I think I tend to either like people when I meet them, or start at neutral. I totally got what Will Rogers once said about "never meeting a man he didn't like". What an elegantly constructed sentence that was! If you parse it VERY carefully, he's describing a very zen like state of being (at least, what I consider Zen to be) of acceptance of what is.

I can like someone eventually. Or dislike them. But neutral is such a weak term, suggesting conflicting forces pulling you away from some arbitrary center. But Roger's quote nails the complete absence of that force, embracing the endless possible.

Admittedly, this brief interpersonal satori is sometimes almost infinitesimal in period. It seems that I would tend toward a very intense immediate LIKE (as, no doubt, Roni, kshandra, dragonwitchling, lavendersage, lovingstones, and many others here could attest to) rather than outright hate.

But I digress.

It's nice to be digressing again. I guess I stress about some things shuts my creative juices down cold, leaving me fumbling for words like Northern Exposure's KBEAR DJ Chris, in that "Dinner at Seven" episode. It was painful seeing the normally erudite "Voice of Ciecely, Alaska" shutting darts at random in a closet fibber mcgee'd into Escher like confusion, much as I've been dreading sitting in front of the computer again, time on my hands and crisply clicking keys under them.

Funny thing, that, the keys. They're not doing that brain fracturing thing where random letters stop responding to some of my softer clicks. Since that's something that happens as I type faster, they were as speed bumps to a ferrari.

Maybe it was that Victorian Sex Cry Generator: I deliberately patterned my entry on the hemorrhoidally tight structure and flowery prose as a lark, and now I feel like I've done some good mental stretching.

That, and the knowledge that I now have FOUR days off in a row. Thanks to the latest shifting about, I went from working Sunday, with Friday and Monday off, to working Monday, to NOT working Sunday (which meant I went from 1 day to *3* off in a row), to being told that I don't need to work Monday after all... and I get paid for it anyway.

I SO need this break. After three years of comparatively quiet time, I have been through nearly 3 months straight of... well, life changes all around. I want a weekend to enjoy making it through to the other side intact and well. I want to thank the goddess and whatever it is she truly represents for this chance to breath. I want to see a movie that requires no more than 1% of my available brain power. And then, as if to cleanse the pallet, Life of Brian on the big screen as I shop for z-coil shoes with Michele. Then furniture. I want drawers and cabinets and things.

5 was so energized tonight that I managed to do about 4 things I wanted to do for ages: Install the shower massager, fix the door to the crawl space so it would stay closed, put Roni's old bookshelves into that same crawl space (it was close, but they fit PERFECTLY), and dig up the cord for Roni's old cable box for Gene, her old room mate, to use. Five, if you count the fact that Roni wound up hanging the new shower curtain our landlady gave us to add tot he two already around the tub.

And that, folks, was in the first HOUR.

Acting on some info a Mac Specialist at work had tipped me, we tracked down this mexican restaurant on Lincoln. Roni was going on about the menu we had tracked down online, and noted the Margaritas with anticipation. I made a crack about wishing it was close enough so we could walk, thus eliminating the whole "desginated driver thing. A minute passes, and she says, "How close would you consider 'walking distance'"?

It turns out that it was only about two blocks away. It ROCKED.

The service was fast, the food was fantastic (it compared on an equal basis with Roni's favorite place in Arizona) and the Daiquiri was EXQUISITE. Truly.

Walking back was nice, and it hit me... I hadn't WALKED anywhere like that since before I moved in with Michele, when I lived at Wilkes Circle in Santa Cruz... 13 years ago. I really missed that as well. I'm hoping the chinese food place lives up to its boast of BEST Chinese... or is at least edible.

We got back by 8... which means we walked there, ordered, were served, ate (slowly, I might add!), walked back in about the time it took kshandra and myself to get our appetizer at Black Angus... and the food was just okay. The punchline was that even with two cocktails the bill came out to what the previous nights meal was REDUCED to.

Ah well, that's what I get for eating dessert first.

Which leaves us with misia (who I really should mention more often). going on in her LJ about virgins as endangered species. As in every decade or so there seems to be some outcry about the seeming mythic status that virginity was taking on... yet, despite this, there always seemed to be virgins whose potential deflowering would be the cause of the downfall of civilization. As if to support that contention, I couldn't help thinking "Virgins: Eat all you want, we'll make more."

I love a good split infinitive, don't you?
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