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If You Can't Carry A Tune, Carry Okie...

Yes, it true... I am well and truly sauced. After a mere four drinks, yet. Okay, so they were doubles...

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself (again!). Since I was already ahead of the game weekend task wise, our main goal today was to mutually decide on what the furniture for the new place would be. Since I want to spend as little as possible while getting stuff a step above the usual medium density fiber board crap that used to be the best you could do on a tight budget, we went to IKEA.

Even before we got out of the house, the phone rang. As in the land line to Chez Watt. Roni answered, and it waslovingstones. It seems she, penguin_goddess, and lavendersage hadn't seen Shrek 2, and wanted to know if we would join them at the Grand Lake in Oakland to catch it (we had already seen it, but wanted to watch it again anyway).

So, after a lovely time at IKEA (wherein we saw much of use to us), we all met at this wonderful art nouveau era movie theater. After once again enjoying the movie (the critics who panned it are sour fucks who probably would give a thumbs down to the best lay they ever had) w all thought it would be fun to do the Karaoke thing at a place near the Wonder Triplets place in hayward.

We wound up hanging out there for a few hours (it didn't start until 9 PM, and the movie let out at 6:20 thereabouts), having a great dinner from Bancheros, and generally torturing yours truly. We finally went to some place called "Guidos" where we were greeted (after a harrowing drive where lavendersage led us on a wild chase) with someone doing a pretty decent version of "sin wagon".

I wound up doing a almost as decent version of "Back in the USSR", though my rendition of "It's Been Awhile" was, in my opinion, weak. Roni did "Nobody", followed by "Time in a Bottle" (which she complained was a third lower than she expected). Audra sang as well -- and while I remember swooning at the sound of her voice, I don't remember what she sang. I think that's because I always followed her, and the stress drove her songs from my mind.

Anyway, it's safe to say I'm undergoing a form of explosive decompression, and it's fun -- while at the bar I indulged in some rum and coke therapy, then first I've managed since 9-15-01. I think I''ll sleep now... nighty night!
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