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Wow, Has It Already Been Four Days?

Well, despite being short wall anchor toggle things and getting the wrong size shelf for the kitchen, the one major project I was DETERMINED to finish the weekend is done, along with several minor ones as well.

I put up all the shelves in the kitchen in hopes of clearing some counter space (and the one non- kitchen sink related cabinet in the aforementioned room), hung a couple of bars to hook mugs behind the stove, and hang pots.

I have to admit that was a happy accident - I was originally going have a bar under the shelves, but realized why the owner of IKEA is richer than Bill Gates these days when I discovered that the shelves would work with the hooked goodies all on their own. I then took one of the shorter bars to use over the stove instead, freeing up even more space.

I was sitting admiring the work with Roni, when I had this sudden flash, slapped my forehead (I REALLY need a "d'oh!" icon) and realized that I could hand one of the longer ones from the sloping ceiling to hand pots from. The result look fabulous, and It's starting to feel like a real kitchen.

This was after a day when I managed to get a properly sized shelf from Ikea in Emeryville, on a holiday... in 11 minutes. Roni was convinced I had mugged someone to get it so quickly. I managed to convince her that I hadn't even mauled anyone on my whirlwind progression through a living obstacle course that was the holiday shopping crowd. Worst case, I had the receipt with my name on it.

Then, a slightly FASTER foray into a Home Depot for those toggle anchor thingies (I love the self checkout... it still intimidates the hell out of most people, so it's perfect for the geek on the go) and was in the same parking lot for a Verizon store, where I could restore Roni to the realm of the telephonically tethered by adding a line to my cell phone bill.

Then it was time for food, folks. After a bizarre conversation with Roni which narrowed our food choices down to "Chewy chunks of beef that are not hamburger" (long before which I had already correctly guessed the mystery answer was "BEEF, damn it!") we were off to an Outback in Fremont (I know there has to be a closer one, but was too clueless to determine where that would be).

It turned out to be another great choice... we got there a mere 5 minutes before they opened, thus guaranteeing obscenely good service with even faster food.

I tipped equally indecently. She was happy and polite on a holiday that I almost had to work myself.

The days only failure? Not being able to find the DVD of Pippin with Ben Vereen and William Katt... you know, that dude with the super suit sans instructions in "Greatest American Hero". Feh.

(Yes, it's already ordered and on its way.)

That was only today... Sunday was spent mostly with the Wonder Triplets, taking care of lovingstones who managed to spend the previous night (well, earlier in the day, actually) with penguin_goddess and lavendersage in a Kaiser ER. Why, may you ask? Well, you may.

Apparently Bruce, her cat, managed to find a toothpick someone had dropped at some earlier time, and through playing with it contrived to position it at exactly the right wrong angle so that Eileen, literally on her way to bed just shy of false dawn planted her foot on it... driving it completely through her foot near one of her toes.

As horrible as that sounds, the alternative would have been breaking up inside her foot... which would have been truly evil. As it was Kaiser (speaking of true evil) actually pumped not one, but TWO shots of demerol her way. The pick came out more or less cleanly, and the resulting wound looks almost nondescript (those of you who have witnessed me as I shred some part of my body or another would have thought it barely worth a band aid), but Eileen was pretty much chair bound for most of the night.

So, that's pretty much how the long weekend went. I got everything on my mental list done, and even ordered a buttload of stuff for the new place on Ikea's online store in hopes of getting it hauled up to the third floor (even if we have to bribe the delivery dudes to do it). Now, for a leisurely night before working tomorrow.

I actually am looking forward to it. Hmm....
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