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Pottermania Redux (Again!)

So, the original plan was kshandra was going to come to Alameda come Thursday evening for a relaxed evening, since she has the temporary use of a vehical and all. Roni was going to meet with friends she hasn't had a chance to see in way too long, over a nice dinner, so that we'd have some privacy for a few hours.

And then Roni realized why we had BOTH kept Thursday open. When I mentioned this to the Koosh, we had a perfect triumvirate of forehead thwapping.

Fortunately, the solution was obvious... since Roni would have the Bug, and K had the truck, we could all meet at the Metreon for the midnight show. With appropriate reading material and snackage, we could even take up a decent place in line a couple of hours in advance.

Tickets are purchased, and we're ready to go see a Dementor ass whuppin'!
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