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Getting Out Of letting People Vote

Call it the Six Degrees of the 'Net:

I was reading the Michael Moore would be posting a trailer of "Fahrenheit 9/11" on his web site, so I went to bookmark it. While there, I saw a link to this article at Rolling Stone about the blatantly illegal techniques used to prevent College Students from voting in the town they attend college (and where the majority of their money goes for food, taxes, tuition, and where they are often also employed).

I caught my eye because, back in '81, I was peripherally involved in protests against the local registrar who was pulling the same stunt to local SUNY Purchase students. Never mind that the Supreme Court had already made it clear that it was illegal to prevent students from voting where they went to school.

Court cases came and went, and I voted against Regan in '84 (fat lot of good it did) in Westchester, where I spent 10 months out of 12 (I only went home for summer once, after my freshman year... it was so painful I avoided it as much as possible).

Making this convergence complete was a quote halfway down the article:

"Students have been singled out for outright discrimination," says Neal Rosenstein, government-reform coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group. "If someone was challenging the voting rights of a military person who is stationed somewhere temporarily, we'd be screaming that it's not patriotic. There shouldn't be any less of a standard for students, who work and pay sales taxes in those communities."

Neal was the man who was instrumental in spearheading the effort back at Purchase... and the man most responsible for me being here today in more ways than I can count.

Besides the fact it was extremely cool to see that Neal is still fighting the good fight, it turned my stomach to see almost an identical debate over a "settled" issue. People wonder about the widespread disrespect for law and civics? This is where it's born... by people subverting laws to their own ends, literally threatening people for daring to want to participate in the system as they are legally entitled to.

I should see if I can look Neal up and drop him a note via e-mail... wouldn't it be a hoot if he had a blog?
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