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On A Hippogriff All Night, An Boy Are My Arms Tired

Since my work schedule practically BEGGED for me to go see a midnight show last night (off at 5, not having to work until 1 today) I bought the tickets to see Harry's third time on the big screen. Did I say BIG screen? They were for the iMax theater in the Metreon in SF.

Roni had already made plans to see some old friends for dinner that night, making it even more of a slam dunk. kshandra, who was coming up for a date that night, was SO behind the idea. So I booked home fairly early, tossed Roni the car (almost literally... I barely had time to park it before she jumped aboard) and ran upstairs to grab a fast shower before the koosh's arrival.

You know, it's funny how Murphy works sometimes... I just knew the buzzer would ring while in the shower, and literally at the moment I turned off the spigot and threw a towel across my shoulders, still standing in the tub, it did. I grabbed the shorts and shirt I had set nearby and threw them on my still somewhat damp person (like I said, I KNEW it would ring!), ran down the stairs of my apartment, threw open the door... and there she was, walking up the steps. One of my neighbors apparently recognized her and let her in.

Always remember... Murphy is a bastard.

We had a lovely evening of slow luxurious snuggling, finally wandering toward the city come 9:30. After an extremely quick meal at Mel's (the one under the parking structure across the street) we ran over to the theater.

One quick aside about that meal... for the very first time ever I had crappy service at Mel's. As in, I asked for a coke, and K's came by, and mine didn't. She asked another server to get us one, and THAT one didn't show up either. Finally, we tracked down my server, and he deigned to bring us one with my burger.

I asked for the check right away, and he gave me one... but just as we were about to leave, he actually stopped us and gave us a new one. Apparently he hadn't given me one with the coke on it. Making matters worse, it wasn't until AFTER I paid it that I realized he had charged me twice for the coke.

We were in a hurry, otherwise the manager and I would have had a nice little talk about it. Quite a far cry from the Mel's on Lombard, where they actually knew Roni's and my names, and even when to bring her her chicken noodle soup (no onions) when she was obviously pushed past.

So, Roni had called me earlier asking the time for the show... and I said 11:59, not realizing there were TWO shows for 11:59, one iMax and one not. As a result, she wound up standing on the wrong line for an hour. On the one hand, she got to chat with this lovely gay couple for the entire time (she introduced us when we came in). On the other, she had to stand for almost that entire time.

Turns out the iMax theater was already open for seating at 10:30, so we just walked in and got great seats, and tried to read a bit until the show started. The crowd was in good spirits, at one point falling dead silent as a guy stood up, whistled and gave a speech about his friend Janelle who was there from Modesto, announcing it was her birthday (insert wild cheering). We all joined in and sang her happy birthday, which made those embarrassing scenes in restaurants look almost bearable by comparison.

When the lights went down and the trailers started, we were stunned to discover that they're planning to release Cat Woman in iMax format. They followed that with a trailer for the Polar Express, which will also be in iMax... and 3D to boot. Far fucking out.

And then the movie started.

Since I know for a fact that most of my friends out there have yet to see it, all I will say is "Streamlined, well constructed, and a wild ride... and if you can see it in iMax, spend the extra money and DO it".

On that note I literally have to run... I'm working in an hour. K is still asleep next to me, being incredibly adorable (and tempting). Roni's stirring about a bit out in the apartment at large. The world is turning, and Bush Jr. is apparently suffering from Nixon Syndrome in the white house as his administration and Iraq fall apart.

Not a bad day at all.
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