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Ding Ding, Bonzo Is Dead

So, I was setting up a system for a customer, and pulled up the browser for him to cruise the net while we updated his system... and there was the announcement.

Having survived the Reagan years (pretty much my entire stay at college and such) I find I must be completely honest about how I feel about the man: He was a doddering prick with even less sense than the current cretin (read: The Shrub). While I've tried to restrain my less compassionate thoughts, I can't help but believe him directly responsible for millions of deaths due to AIDS, thanks to his foot dragging during the early years of the epidemic. Nancy didn't help things with that "Just Say No" crap, but he was the man who could have made a difference, if only to stand back and let the people who wanted to teach kids and others about how to protect themselves.

Now history will always wonder: Was the disease sufficiently advanced during his presidency that he really DIDN'T recall? Plausible deniability of a whole other sort. All the games played with the lives of people here and in other countries, and he still walked away a free man.

To quote Mr. Reznor: "If there is a hell, I'll see you there."

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