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Odd Weekends For Odder People

Well, I built two Ikea pieces this "weekend" (I had Tuesday and Wednesday off), Roni's 7 drawer dresser, and the TV stand. While there is much rejoicing regarding beginning to get Roni's stuff, well, sorted out, the simple addition of the stand (by far the simpler of the two) resulted in much feeling of accomplishment... especially AFTER getting the TV, DVD player, cable box, Replay, VCR, and stereo all hooked up and working. I celebrated by watching "Goldmember" with Roni. I wanted to revel in the surround sound audio goodness.

Ikea was almost dead on Tuesday... at least, as dead as a place as wildly popular as Ikea is CAN be. After the abortive attempt to order stuff online, we were determined to get as much re-ordered for delivery as we could.

After we got in, we were shocked to see that our couch (the Fagelbo model) was missing from the floor. Since it was the reason the web order was cancelled in the first place, I began to wonder if they had discontinued it.

When we asked the nearest guy in a yellow shirt what was up, he told us it was just a problem with it being broken (no, we're not worried... that was a FLOOR model in one of the most popular stores on the west coast) and that there was only one left.

It turns out he was also able to pass us a printout of almost everything we needed, part of which we would take to the cashier, two pieces the aforementioned dresser and TV stand. The rest we planned to have delivered.

We were shocked to learn that it would only run us about 75 bucks to have it delivered, carried up three flights (an extra 15 dollar charge for EVERYTHING) and dropped off in the actual room it would be assembled in. That was including the couch.

WAS including. We got a call later informing us that particular model had been "over-sold", and it wouldn't be in for another three weeks. Since the wall cabinets we wanted for the kitchen weren't going to be in stock for about that long, we decided we would just pick it all up at once.

Earlier Tuesday we met with lavendersage, lovingstones and penguin_goddess for lunch. I was going to help Kim set up her new computer (including shoving the 80 gb drive she had bought some months earlier) while Roni and Audra wandered off to CostCo.

Considering the last few times I've tackled PC support it's been a lot more painful than it should be, I wasn't looking forward to it. Yet it went off without a hitch... at least after I figured out how to cram the second drive in when all the bays were full. I wound up cramming it into the bay taken up with the front panel connectors for things like earphones and such -- throw in a makeshift brace made out of a flattened L bracket, some creative cabling, and dumb luck, and it all actually pretty much worked.

I should just post this and crash... I have to be up in 6 hours. At least I have a 4 day after this run.
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