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Slightly Crispy, But Still Edible

Well, it's been a long week. "Wait!" you say, "It's only Monday!" Well, true... but I went from having no schedule at all to having one that feels vaguely out of synch somehow. True, it means I get longer stints off (like this weeks four day run), but... well, it'll be alright. I just have to survive until Wednesday.

At least I can sleep in tomorrow and then.

I almost laughed at a customer today. She was this odd combo of the Ab Fab women, and that smarmy upper crust bitch that Patrick almost marries in "Auntie Mame" (the Rosalind Russel version, of course!). Glory I think. Anyway, she just had this attitude, and a complete lack of computer savvy, save that somehow she made the right choice to switch from this horrible old clunker of a Dell to a Powerbook.

Fortunately, it was almost the end of the day for me, and John tapped me out. I barely made it to the back room before I burst out laughing... I don't know why she struck me that way. Maybe it was the excessive makeup and the leopard print combined with that distinct nasal whine...

I can report that even fighting off a baby migraine (probably induced by the constant damage control that I... all of us at the store, really... have been undertaking to undo the mayhem wracked by a certain ambivalent co-worker) and dealing with people whose english vocabulary consists of several dozen words on a good day (no, that's not a slam on their intelligence... it's just really hard dealing with computer problems with people who have limited methods of describing complex issues) does not counteract spending an amazing magical evening with lavendersage and lovingstones. My only regret was having to get up and go to work this morning, something I'm certain E shares.

I was fully intending to come home tonight and build some more Ikea furniture, but was so dragged I couldn't cope. I have already built Roni's wardrobe (which rocks, btw), so I wanted to start getting my room under control. It's not just building the computer hutch, after all... it's moving the stuff already there so I won't have too far to move it, plus re-organizing all the gear.

Speaking of Roni, she just came in and threw herself on the bed, face down... which she knows is incites lustful longings when she dressed the way she is (read: not). I think I'll have to post this and catch up later.
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