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6 Days Later

Well, I've been a bit busy. First, there was a over night trip to Harbin, as I desperately needed at least a brief break. That turned out to be one of my smarter personal decisions over the last few months.

Friday Roni and I returned soon enough to get her to the Social Insecurity office to try (again) to get her a new card, without which you can't seem to do very much. Later that night I was due to be in Hayweird to spend some time with penguin_goddess to help her fulfill a birthday wish, with the assistance of lavendersage and lovingstones. Pictures were involved, and if she let's me I'll be posting them soon.

Saturday I went with Roni to find a chair. Well, that's a gross oversimplification: We went to the Great Mall in Milpitas to see what kind of LoveSac's we wanted to get, whereupon we discovered that they now have a whopping *8* foot version available. The new brochure had it listed with a little icon of 2 children, a woman, a man, ANOTHER woman, and an additional two kids. Roni's comment was that, apparently buying the larger size entitles you to an additional spouse.

Later, I noticed an asterisk next to the aforementioned illustration, linked to the following footnote:

"LoveSac is based in Utah."

I would actually buy a LoveSac just to reward the sheer Chutzpah involved. And for 400 bucks, I'm SO behind throwing a supersac into the Zen Room here at Chez Watt.

Through a series of misadventures in roadways, we found ourselves in Dublin (California, that is!), searching for one of the dozens of furniture stores located there. By sheer zen navigation I found a Lazeeboy dealer, and a great recliner on sale. After buying and arranging for delivery, I called Michele to arrange snag HER LoveSac (apparently Bijou hates bean bags, or beanbag shaped things... because you know, LoveSac's AREN'T damned bean bags!).

It's a good thing it's possible to squeeze these things done into something almost portable, even if it's with the help of a large woman and several bungee cords.

Then it was off to a saturday night of Karaoke and Bowling to celebrate Kim's B-day properly... or at least, publicly. I managed to muddle through "Lay Down Sally" and "Back in the USSR", but "Wicked Game" was at least two key's HIGHER then the version I'm used to singing along with, and it was painful. If we had stayed longer, I would have probably given "Katmandu" a try, but in hindsight I would have probably murdered it most foully.

As to bowling, Roni was the high scorer of the evening, with me a struggling second place, mostly due to a bizarre problem involving guttering every first throw (I kept pulling to the right and FELT it), but pretty much nailing my second... I actually got several spares that way. lavendersage noticed that it really bothered me, and kept pointing out that Rum and Coke might have had something to do with the anomaly.

We got Kim a Hippogriff candle holder (failing to find any BuckBeak related merchandising for a certain movie recently released... get on the ball, guys!), which she loves.

Sunday I FINALLY finished setting up my new computer desk/hutch thing, and it's GREAT. Now I need to get myself a bed frame and night tables, and my personal furniture needs/wants will pretty much be sated at last. Especially the bed frame... I really want one. After 20 years, I want something that will keep my pillows from slipping behind the freaking bed already.

Anyway, there's more... but I need to get up early tomorrow.
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