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Stealth Entry From The Bar

I know, I suck... I hardly ever post these days... but I've been completely wiped when I get home (for the most part). Combined with the various chores I try to undertake, trips to Ikea ending up in frustration (I WILL have that Fagelbo couch one day... oh yes, one day indeed), and various attempts to restrain myself from strangling the pitiful gangsta wannabees (most whiter than *I* am) as they crank up filthy itunes samples on the assorted sound systems, sometimes doing the same song out of synch on two different computers... let's just say the aggravation involved is non-trivial.

Today is a "Friday" for me. I'm off Sunday and Monday, with a possible date with a Koosh on Monday (if kshandra isn't zonked from THE parade tomorrow) and a belated Litha celebration (read: Summer Solstice) tonight in the hills over Hayweird with the rest of the Lucid Pagans pretty much soaking up all my available free time.

At least I plan to SLEEP the next few days. I had a few nights this week of insomnia, brought on (I realized with a shock) by the construction of my new computer desk/hutch, which seals both the incessant humming of the TiVo and assorted other computer machinery and the surprisingly bright array of LED's into a lovely antique stained wooden box. In other words, after years of putting up with both, the lack thereof screwed me up for any sleep at all.

Of course, when i finally realized what was wrong wednesday (after the long day I had on a mere 4 hours sleep, combined with that aforementioned Ikea trip where the only thing they had was a breakfast Buffet that, when brought to the car, was discovered to have a big chunk taken from one corner) I had a great nights sleep. At least it made the last few days bearable.

And WHAT a few days... the store has been doing gangbusters business. In fact, this is a VERY rare lull, one I'm sure won't last... but since I'm off in about 15 minutes, I feel pretty confident I'll survive. Tomorrow will probably be nuts one way or the other, as apparently there's some charity bike race that will be shutting down parking around the store, with an estimated 75K people cramming the Burlingame Ave. area. I was the one who first heard of this, when someone handed me a flyer after 5PM Friday. Conspiracy theory could be that they didn't want to give the merchants a chance to squawk, though Roni pointed out that one of the sponsors was a restaurant, and that they could very well have the corner on food and wait stadff supplies.

Well, it's about that time... talk to y'all later!
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