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Another Flash Entry...

I'm on lunch. Thank goddess, I'm on lunch at last.

It's partly this bizarre work ethic that involves catching up with a specific task BEFORE bailing for any reason. Considering the mess I found here this morning when I got in (openers are usually the repair guys) I'm amazed I've made it this far.

I was compelled to whip the chaos into some sembelance of order, catching up on all the administrative details and even re-ordering the assorted service stock/equipment cages (trust me, it WASN'T optional) in order to produce a working environment that facilitated getting stuff caught up. I am amused at my ability to do a remarkably good job with the admin stuff, as I am SURE that was the one thing that I doubted the most about myself before taking on this gig in the first place.

Yet as the dust settles, I'm finding that I'm not even the person with the worst handwriting. Go figure.

Well, I have two minutes left. I should save this and try to breath for a minute or two. My goal is to finish a few more repairs, re-assemble a poor G5 that was replaced with a new unit for a customer so it, too, can be shipped back to the mother ship, all before 5ish. Right.
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