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A Golden Crown For Yo

One of the side effects of a certain party last Saturday is that a crown on my lower back molar (on the right side) cracked into several pieces. People who know me well enough can guess how it might have happened... as it was, I had to call my dentist for an emergency appointment this week.

Why not wait the two weeks? Well, aside from having what felt like a 3D jig saw puzzle in my mouth, I was terrified it was a symptom of underlying rot - my teeth are incredibly tough, until they're not, and thereafter will cause all sorts of horrible problems.

Fortunately it turns out the tooth (such as it is) is fine, and is perfectly capable of supporting a new crown. However, since this is the third try (the same crown has cracked before) my absolutely kick-ass dentist has told me not to be surprised if the new one turns out to be gold.

Considering how much I dislike gold as a rule, you'd think I would be horrified at the prospect. In typical contrary fashion, I think it's kind of cool. I think it's because this isn't the use of gold for adornment, but for something practical. Besides, that far back you'd have to ask me to show it to you for you to even catch a glimpse of it.

BTW, the response for the TMI filter has been great (and very few surprises thus far) -- I'm already starting to build it. And yes, dear tree_frog, you have to be an LJ member (even just a free one!) to be "Friended".
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