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Step One - Get The Couch

Well, the initial plan today was go to work and see Michele afterwards. How quickly everythign got tossed into the bit bucket!

First, I discover that I made a mistake, and I have the 1-10PM shift. Oops... email Michele, let her know.

Next, I decide I'm goign to FINALLY assemble the last two pieces of furniture that I have on tap. I manage to do one before I get a frantic call from Roni that the damn Fagelbo couch we've been trying to obtain from Ikea is actually in stock. Hooray!

I run to Ikea, order the couch (and the remainder of some bits for the TV room), and arrange to have it delivered. Turns out they can get it to us by tomorrow afternoon. Delighted, I head back to the house to shower and get myself together.

Get a note from Michele that she can't reschedule for Thursday/Friday as she and Rob have other plans... since one of the things I wanted to give her was the insurance card so she could get a scrip filled, I decided to call up and run it over before rushing off to work. Rob answered the phone... Michele is sleeping off a rough therapy appointment, so I arrange to drop the card off. I also grab a hard copy of Associated Student Bodies I had planned to give Michele to give to her, but this way I'd get to see her surprise.

I actually make it to work on time, making my way through the day, until Dinner break comes around. There's a voicemail on my phone from Roni.

Seems that even as I was buying the couch and arranging to have it delivered, our landlordette Jennifer was sending a note letting us know that the floors on the second floor landing are being varnished... tomorrow and friday. It'll be pretty much impassable from 8AM to 3PM. Roni managed to reschedule the couch delivery to next Monday, but was understandably stressed about it. After all, we've been trying to get this damn couch for two months, and now that it was practically here...

Also, these two days were the days I had off this week. This means we either stay in the house until 3, or wake up early. Now I'm glad to have that piece of furniture to finish building tomorrow. Between that, and hanging pictures and stuff, I think we'll take up both days pretty well. I was hoping to have kshandra to come over at some point, but mayhap postponing until next week would be better.

Anyway, time to head back into the fray...
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