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What Would You Give?

So, what has Yo been up to, eh?

First, it's been an odd few days. After the couch incident, we were supposed to stay in the apartment until 3 PM (ostensibly to allow the second coat of varnish to dry). This wasn't so horrible, as it forced me to FINALLY finish the furniture building in my room, allowed me to fix my desk, and make a dent in getting things arranged a bit.

We even stayed about an hour longer, just to be sure... and then Roni gets an email as I finish showering and getting dressed.

Folks, y'all that know me know that I do have a bit of New York attitude ingrained in my dealings with the world. You can't grow up in a place as frenetic and tense as THE City and not have it. Yet as proof that I have mellowed considerably since the days I was a lad is the fact that RONI lost it before I did.

What caused this off role reversal was a note from out landlady letting us know we might be stuck in our apartment for an additional 5 hours, albeit apologetically.

It wasn't until later we got the full story... apparently the floor contractors were supposed to lay down the first coat at 8:30 AM, and somehow slipped until 2:30 in the afternoon. Fortunately for us (well, for me, really... a mad Roni is not something to be near easily. She IS a red head, after all. Some stereotypes are based on truth!) we managed to sneak out over the recently dry first coat.

We went to CostCo to see if we could find some decent rugs and throw pillows. Much to our shock we found plenty of both, including some great pseudo-seude body pillows for 9.50 each... and a new vacuum cleaner.

We had borrowed penguin_goddess's vacuum in hopes of delaying the purchase of one of our own -- a fine plan. The universe had other ideas, however. After using it once, it began to have issues involving clogging that seemed related to a marked decrease in suction power.

When it happened, I had a flash on these cute TV ads with that Dyson guy... you know, the one where he wen through several THOUSAND prototypes to develop a vacuum that didn't clog up. I admit it, there's something about an engineer with an accent that made me curious about the product. Yes, I AM an advertising victim... your point?

After researching it a bit I decided to see where they were sold in my area. When CostCo (the very location we were planing on going to!) popped up on the map, it seemed like Kismet (or something like).

(No, the fact that it's lavender and purple with sparkles -- Roni calls it the "Disco Vac"--was not a factor in the purchase... though it helped. Actually the feature where the hose stretches *15* feet was more of a selling point.)

I'll wait a month or two before I'll recommend it to anyone... though it's performance thus far is stellar.

I did get myself one other thing while we were there... I have finally, after many years of lusting, purchased for myself the Monty Python series boxed set. It was only 89 bucks, the cheapest I've seen it anywhere. It's one of the only times in my life that I not only did NOT have buyer's remorse, but had something akin to a buyer's ORGASM.

We had an hour or two to kill, so we ran over to the Hayweird Triplets' place to hang out for awhile. Always good for a fun time...

Today, the plan was similar: Stuck waiting until the varnish dried (yes, a THIRD coat), probably doing some more stuff about Chez Watt, with a possible Karaoke date with the Triplets. A phone call this morning changed our plans considerably.

It was Michele. Apparently her leg was really bothering her, which meant she had to cancel a trip to see the Indigo Girls at Villa Montalvo tonight... and would I like the tickets?

I knew she had been planning on that show for months, and had that classic mixed feeling over it. I knew that the tickets would just go to waste otherwise, but it still felt awkward.

Obviously, I got over it. I'm not stupid, after all.

It was a GREAT show... even the encore was perfect (I got "Kid Fears", one of my faves, with the opening act, Shawn Mullins, doing Michael Stipes part, and Roni got Galileo, which they hadn't played the last time we saw them), the weather was superb, and even the shuttles ran smoothly. Classic Girls moment: There was one woman seated in the front row with what was obviously a recently broken leg... and during the show, Emily asked her how she was doing, and to let them know if she needed anything. I dare say that almost made breaking it worth it. Almost.

Anyway, I wish Michele could have gone. Ironically, if she had gotten the tickets for the show at the Greek in Berkeley, she probably could have gone... which is the difference between March and July, it turns out.

I'm off to watch the second disk of a certain box set, hopefully without rubbing it on my body making indecent noises like I did last night... or should that be in my "TMI Galore!" filter?
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