Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

A Brief Lull In All The Hot Retail Action

Well, it's about 20 minutes before I can go to lunch, and the store has calmed down remarkably. I've had a couple of winners today, including one woman who was completely unimpressed by the fact that I helped her find a non-Apple product to the point I actually said "You're welcome".* She obviously doesn't have irony where she comes from.

Fortunately, she was the exception -- most of the customers I've had today have been great, appreciative, and at least possessing a sense of humor.

While of good cheer myself, I'm a tad crabby. I just found out my Dentist is out of MetLife's little dental group, so they'll only pay for half of the new crown. I love the little note about "saving out of pocket" expenses by picking an in-plan dentist. Folks, I wouldn't even change dentists when I moved to Boulder Creek, I'm NOT going to drop him now. I'll just switch plans when open enrollment comes back around... in 5 months. I know... I should have checked all this during LAST open enrollment, but as I noted in my previous post, I was a bit preoccupied with other things. Live and learn... and avoid bad dental plans.

My best tack is to view the glass half full -- after all, I'm ONLY paying 387, as opposed to 850.

(Just had to answer a question... a woman had a boyfriend who apparently quit an application without saving a document, and wanted to confirm that it was, indeed, completely gone. I made the comment "Odd... he should have gotten a little dialog asking if he wanted to save it..." to which she replied, "Oh yes, he did... but he clicked "No"." D'oh! Denial is a wonderful thing, especially since apparently he spent two hours trying to recover something that took him two hours to write in the first place.)

Ok, definitely time for lunch... I can feel my drop in blood sugar beginning to effect my dealings with the world... and right on cue, there's my relief! Later!

* No, she never said "thank you". That was the point. I don't want naked adoration here, folks... just a little recognition.
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