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Couch Potatoes -- Unite!

It was delivered yesterday in three enormous packages, and assembeled after I got home last night... because I wasn't waiting a single day to have it be a real piece of furniture.

It was hot sweaty work, but about an hour later the rather suggestively named Fagelbo was a couch that fit the room exactly as I had hoped. I spent hours sitting in it, just because I could. It had been such a long, uphill battle, but victory had at last been acheived.

Work is nuts today, and tomorrow I get to subject myself to dental work before doing the late shift. The next few days are going to be really weird to me, mostly because of the weekend memorial thing. I want to re-assure myself somehow that this isn't going to be such a big deal, but my soul bitch slaps me for the disrespect.

Well, at least Roni had promised to do something special for me tonight... which falls under the "TMI Galore!" category, obviously. If I'm feeling salacious enough, I might post about it.

I've been seeing some really ominous shit in the news of late, at least in terms of freedom in expression in this country. First Whoopi Goldberg, then Linda Ronstadt get crap for dissing Bush or saying nice things about Michael Moore -- then I read this article about a photography student who was hassled for taking pictures of a bridge for a class assignment, flat out lied to about his rights and the law by the people who goddamn no better about it. Just to clarify, there is NO LAW prohibiting the photography of landmarks and public fed buildings. As the kid in the story points out, "No one took pictures of the World Trade Center before they flew planes into it!"

'Nuff said.
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