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"So The Dr. Says 'Don't Do That!'"

A few nights ago I did SOMETHING to my neck at work... I was reaching for something and somehow managed to throw a vertebrate out of wack. As long as I turn my head slowly, I'm okay... but this makes driving a painful experience at times.

Part of the problem is the amazing amount of overtime I'm doing this week: In fact, I've already worked 40 hours in 4 days, making today time and a half regardless of how long I work. All this thanks to one of the other Geniuses (Genii?) who called in sick three days running. If they make it four, I stand a remarkably good chance of working 12 hours today... which means the last four hours will be DOUBLE time.

Terrifying if you think about it too much... which I won't. What I try to focus on as I witness the impossible backlog of repairs and the constant stream of problems that I'm somehow expected to solve is that my next paycheck will be sweet. At least, it'll pay my chiropractic bills.

Keeping on the run has been keeping me from several projects, not the least of which has been updating my journal. Since I'm apparently going through the first slow bit, and since I've been working non-stop for most of this week, I'm not feeling too guilty. At least I'm not on until Moday, as originally feared -- my new schedule has given me Sunday and Monday off. The two weeks AFTER that look to be a bit of a nightmare, though.

Eye on the pay prize, Yo.

Another project is working on the apartment: I haven't been able to touch anything that needs to be built or organized for nearly two weeks. I haven't been able to get some of my electronics building goodies either, as I haven't been able to get to a Fry's in ages. Finally, and perhaps most important, I've only had a few precious moments to process everything that's happened for the last 6 months.

Relaxing has gotten a LOT easier since the last weekend... I had no idea how stressed the incipient memorial had made me.

Hell, things just got crazy... I swear, they onload tour busses in front of the store.
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